Chik-Wauk Nature Center Presentation - Tim Cochrane

Sunday June 28, 2020 02:00pm-03:00pm
Chik-Wauk Nature Center

Linklaters: People of the Canoe Country

Tim Cochrane has been researching the story of the Linklater family for years. His quest to find historical documentation of elusive documents relating to the Linklaters is a story in and of itself. The resulting work is an extraordinary example of combining genealogy and history to chronicle a tale that might previously have been little known.

The Linklater history goes back to Canada and Native Americans on both sides of the border. These early residents of our area were mentors to many early conservationists, including Sigurd Olson. In addition, many noted Cook County families were related to Tchi-Ki-Wis, one of the Linklaters, such as the Powells of Saganaga, the Caribous of Grand Portage, and the Cook family for whom our county is named.

Cochrane is expected to address the trials & tribulations of doing historical research through genealogy, and some of the historical hurdles he has encountered, along with some he expected
to find, but has not – yet. His presentation will combine the travails of his research project, as well as to present a more clear picture of the Linklaters and their legacy.

All presentations are family friendly and free to the public.

The presentation will be held inside Chik-Wauk Nature Center.

Donations are appreciated.



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